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"Stephen Cooper and Angela Gunn are both game actors, seamlessly trading off dominance and subservience as the play unfolds. Pinter hated the sentimentality of mainstream theater: Even though you don’t feel pity for either character, you do feel the dread."

- Beverly Creasy, Boston Arts Review

"Angela Gunn captures Rebecca's vulnerability as well as her candor."

- Jules Becker, The Jewish Advocate


"HANG will be one of the best plays about pain and retribution you’ll see this fall. ...The three actresses working so feverishly NOT to say what has happened, do the impossible. They tell us in a shudder. In a helpless shrug, In a clenched jaw. In a forced kindness.

Angela Gunn and Angele Maraj portray the infuriating, supercilious bureaucrats trying so hard not to offend. Thankfully, they supply a (very) small window of humor, as they try, stumbling over each other, to coax a “decision” from the witness. They’re quite wonderful, placing their collective feet into their own mouths."

- Beverly Creasey, Boston Arts Review

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