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For me the joy of being an actor comes from the chance to experience life in another person’s skin – the chance to escape the reality of my own life for a short period of time.

Reality for me is representing murderers, working on their appeals and appearing in court when required. Reality is also being a mom to a teenager and a tween, getting them to different schools in opposite directions and driving them to all their activities. There is a special kind of pressure you live with as a lawyer representing someone who has been sentenced to life in prison. I’d much rather be on stage (or filming a show) breathing life into lines written by someone else in between driving my kids around. I took a journey to be a lawyer but now I’m at a fork in the road with a path forward that allows me to play a lawyer, a corrupt politician or a crazy cat lady - or any number of other kinds of fabulous characters. This is the life I want.  

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